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6th & 5th

Here is the STUDIUS  offer:

  • FRENCH  : 

    • WEEKLY MINI-GROUP (5 students maximum) in one 2-hour session. The sessions are partly devoted to support for school work in progress. We also offer various exercises (grammar, written expression, dictation) depending on the difficulties observed in the students. In case of great difficulty, individual support is also possible.

    • READING CLUB. Every Saturday, 2 hours of reading of the classic works offered by the school program. The activity is done online and each participant reads aloud and in turn. This activity is led by a Literature student. After each session, you receive a mini commentary on your child's involvement in reading.

    • SUMMER REVIEWS COURSES : COLLEGE ESSENTIALS  : From August 15 to 19 (2 hours each day from Monday to Friday).

  • MATH : weekly session of 2 hours : individual or mini-group of possibly 2 participants.

  • SUMMER COURSES   in maths or French on request.

  • LANGUAGE COURSES  : English, Spanish, Italian German, Mandarin, Japanese.

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